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Event:A Day in Gravenhurst
Details:August 9
$50.00 (theatre ticket
and lunch)


Muskoka Wharf: visit
The Farmer’s Market,
The Discovery Centre
The Shipyards


Lunch at Blue Willow Tearoom:
Bowl of soup

Lasagna with mixed salad with honey
mustard dressing
Grilled Brie & Cranberry Sandwich with
Caesar salad

Sticky Toffee Pudding (Oh,my!)
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, whipped

Tea or Coffee
$20 including tax, excluding gratuity


SWING! at Gravenhurst Opera House

This Big Band Review takes you back to the time when swing was King! From the complex harmonies of The Andrews Sisters to the Jungle Rhythms of Count
Basie, this is the legendary music that shaped a generation, and today can still pack a dance floor
with folks of all ages.

Tickets will be distributed from porch of Opera House 40 minutes prior to performance.

Note: this is a package; theatre and lunch.
Extra theatre tickets may be ordered, but not lunch.
Cost:$50.00     Registration is required.
Coordinator:Liz Stenson