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Group:Food for Thought Film Group

Film and Discussion Group

Proposed Details;

Purpose: For Probus members (and invited guests) to see “thought provoking” educational films and to then have a group discussion as inspired by the film, led by a chairperson/film sponsor.

Meeting Place: St. Paul's Centre, Room #333

Time: 1:30 PM (room booked to 4:30)

When: Every 4th Monday of Each Month

Cost: $3 per person per meeting (to cover AV rental fee)

Process: - Brief introduction (5 mins)
- Show the film (1 to 1.5 hours)
- Discussion period (30 to 60 mins)
- Decide on film for next session
- Restore room, remove all items

Parking: Street or city lots

Reminder Process;

1. As part of “one minute news” - displayed on screen
2. I will formulate an e-mail list for the group of interested people and will remind everyone a few days before with a short description of the featured film each month as an attachment.
Coordinators:Steve Goulter
Martha Ewart

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