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Group:Tech Club
Details:The Tech Club will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at Rotary Place. At each meeting, a topic of a technical nature (e.g. computers, digital cameras, etc.) will be presented. At times there may be an "armchair travel" presentation by a group member, covering a foreign trip. If you want to join the tech club, email or phone Ron Fawn or Marty O'Brien. We have 3 guest speakers lined up and a field trip to Regan House, Scout Valley, with David Kennedy, an excellent local nature photographer. We will be having a one time charge of $5 (until we need more money, maybe in a year or two) so we can give a small thank-you to guest speakers)
Coordinator:Ron Fawn (Orillia Probus) - External non-member

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