The club encourages the formation of groups who wish to partake in their own special interests. Members should contact the coordinator of a group to find out about the nature and frequency of its activities. Please refer to your membership list to obtain contact information for coordinators.
For further details about the group, its coordinator(s) and members, please click on the name of the group.

Food for Thought Film Group “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

Film and Discussion Group

Proposed Details;

Purpose: For Probus members (and invited guests) to see “thought provoking” educational films and to then have a group discussion as inspired by the film, led by a chairperson/film sponsor.

Meeting Place: St. Paul's Centre, Room #333

Time: 1:30 PM (room booked to 4:30)

When: Every 4th Monday of Each Month

Cost: $3 per person per meeting (to cover AV rental fee)

Process: - Brief introduction (5 mins)
- Show the film (1 to 1.5 hours)
- Discussion period (30 to 60 mins)
- Decide on film for next session
- Restore room, remove all items

Parking: Street or city lots

Reminder Process;

1. As part of “one minute news” - displayed on screen
2. I will formulate an e-mail list for the group of interested people and will remind everyone a few days before with a short description of the featured film each month as an attachment.
Outdoor Activities The group arranges outdoor activities such as:
cross-country skiing or
The coordinator will e-mail group members to announce the date and time of each activity.
Tech Club The Tech Club will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at Rotary Place.

At each meeting, a topic of a technical nature (e.g. computers, digital cameras, etc.) will be presented. At times there may be an "armchair travel" presentation by a group member, covering a foreign trip.

If you want to join the tech club, email or phone Ron Fawn or Marty O'Brien.

We have 3 guest speakers lined up and a field trip to Regan House, Scout Valley, with David Kennedy, an excellent local nature photographer.

We will be having a one time charge of $5 (until we need more money, maybe in a year or two) so we can give a small thank-you to guest speakers)