General MeetingsBest Western Mariposa Inn

General meetings are open to all members, take place on a monthly basis at 10 a.m. on the third Monday of the month, and from April 2016 will be held at the Best Western Hotel, 400 Memorial Avenue, Orillia, in the Hermitage Room. There is lots of parking available on the left of the building. There is no requirement for members to attend, but the full value of membership can't be realized if they don't. Some meeting dates conflict with holidays, so the meetings in those months will generally be held on the fourth Monday of the month.

The general meetings in 2021 will be held on the following dates:

Each meeting follows the same general format:

The agenda will be amended as necessary at the president's discretion. All the reports are brief, and take up only a couple of minutes.

Members should always bring three things with them to meetings: their name tags, calendars and cheque books. This allows them to be known, to check their availability for events, and to pay for events at the time they sign up. Events costing $10 and under should be paid for in cash. Anything over $10 should be paid for by cheque to minimize our administrative overhead. Your cancelled cheque is your receipt.

400 Memorial Avenue, Orillia:

Management Meetings

Management meetings are generally held two weeks before the general meeting, but this may be changed at the discretion of the president, who will invite executive committee members and any committee heads as needed.

The management meetings scheduled so far for 2021 will be:

Other Meetings

Meetings for the purposes of organizing dinners, outings and events will be scheduled as needed by committee heads.