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Speaker:Liam Dwyer
Topic:Residents of Castle Peak; Anthology of Stories **



Catherine Elliott.

Catherine is one of a family of five girls and a boy born in Toronto. Her high school completed in Long Branch she went on to get her teaching certificate. She taught in a one room school for nineteen years in SS Oakley in Muskoka. The number of part time jobs, too numerous to mention, that was the norm in raising a large family in Muskoka fulfilled her life. Prior to Catherine residing in Castle Peak in Bracebridge in 2017 she was active in church and municipal senior’s activities. She brought her experience to the residence and is the Chairperson of the Residence Council of Castle Peak. Catherine is in her 92 year.

Eve Jones.

Eve‘s music has been a major part of her life. She was a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto studying piano and singing. She taught piano for forty years was the organist at St Thomas Anglican Church in Bracebridge for nine years. Eve directs a sing song at Castle Peak every other week where she gets full participation from the residences who love singeing the old songs. Eve is one of the compilers of At Your Age?, where she learned the difficult task in getting a book published but as she says it has given her a new lease on life, selling and promoting the book. Eve is in her 89 year

Liam Dwyer

Liam served four years in the Canadian Navy in WW2. He began writing murder mysteries when he was eighty years of age. To date he has publisher seven murder mysteries and two novels that have sold eighteen thousand nine hundred copies. Liam is one of the compilers of At Your Age? and is delighted to be able to tell you their story. Liam is in his 96 year.