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Speaker:Loretta de Groot
Topic:Face to Face **






Let’s chat about making face.

Anaplastology is the art and science of making lifelike prosthetic imitations of parts of the face and body that are absent, malformed or disfigured.

����‍♀️June walks down the street wearing a gauze across the middle of her face to hide a disfigurement. She enters a corner store to buy a carton of milk, one person stares at her while another avoids visual contact all together.  After June receives a prosthetic nose she finds peace to walk around unnoticed again. 

����‍��Dan receives a compliment while walking to his office with his coffee in hand. Then another person comments ... Dan, you look great!, Wow, great hair cut Dan! ..... Dan is feeling on top of the world, head held up high he sits at his desk, thinking about his past with shoulder length hair, slouched body, socially insecure and not fitting into the societal norm. Dan hid the fact that he didn’t have fully developed ears. Once Dan received his prosthetic ears for the first time he cut his hair above the ear-line and his quality of life was greatly enhanced, he felt approved, secure, confident and Happy.

Loretta de Groot Oliveira is an Anaplastologist and Medical Illustrator. She will be speaking in November. She creates prosthetics illustrates for science and medical journals and books, as well loves to create fun colorful artworks.

She honed her artistic talents at Sheridan College, where she studied technical illustration. Then ventured after a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto for medical and scientific illustration. Afterward she continued learning under a gifted mentor at Sunnybrook Hospital that brought her skills and training together, and Loretta’s career as an Anaplastologist emerged.

Typically fun-loving, vibrant and light-hearted, she becomes a serious skilled professional when creating facial prosthetics for clients in need of  her services due to a congenital defect, cancer or accident. “I love challenges and am grateful for every smile along the way. Happiness for me is having the ability to apply my artistic talents in ways that raise awareness and help humanity.”